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My name is Tim and I am an American from Dayton Ohio now living in Paradise here on the beautiful Bantayan Island just north west of the main island of Cebu in the Philippines since the fall of 2003.

It's just a one man show over here (just me) for all online contact, So I am the only one you will ever have to deal with and you will get one on one customer service every time!

I do answer all emails so if you do not hear back from me please remember to check your spam bin.

Please keep in mind that our time zone is opposite of the USA (Your days are our nights)

I am easy to get along with over here, so just drop me an email if there is ever a question or problem and i will be happy to sort it out for you.

We buy origional manuals and scan them into PDF to make Service Information fast and affordable for everyone, and also I am always happy to do some trading if you have something that I do not.

This helps me to build my online Library faster and more affordably, If you have a manual that you would like to trade.. just email to let me know.

Please do not upload our manuals or share them on the internet, we do not make a lot at this, but it is what we do here full time to support our family.





Myself and Wife Irish who helps with the shipping.



Our Family... Starting from the left... Steve, Aaliyah, Chico, Amber, & Irish



Me after an EMod feature race win at Kil-Kare Speedway about 1992 or 1993

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